[gdal-dev] C#: SpatialReference from EPSG failure (1.5, 1.5.1 not 1.6 dev)

Tomas R monshi at home.se
Wed Apr 2 04:26:28 EDT 2008

Making use of the EPSG codes in the proj4-file epgs found in the FWTools 
distribution of GDAL (proj_lib/epsg).

Stepping through them reveals some of them fails when trying to setup a 
spatialreference and a transform to WGS84. When instead using the Proj4 
string some works but most of them still fail.
(short code-snippet:
spatialReference = new SpatialReference("");
SpatialReference wgs84 = new SpatialReference("");
gpsToReference = new CoordinateTransformation(wgs84, refererence);
referenceToGps = new CoordinateTransformation(refererence, wgs84);

This in version 1.5/1.5.1 of GDAL. (own compilation)
Do a try with GDAL 1.6dev instead  (from FWTools) and all works with the 
EPSG code (or Proj4)
Do I miss something in my own compilation? Or an error in GDAL C#?

OSB1936 works when setting up via Proj4 but not EPSG.

The ones who fail on both  EPSG-codes and Proj4 are.
Amersfoort / RD New
Amersfoort / RD Old
ATS77 / New Brunswick Stereographic (ATS77)
ATS77 / Prince Edward Isl. Stereographic (ATS77)
Dealul Piscului 1933/ Stereo 33
Dealul Piscului 1970/ Stereo 70
Deir ez Zor / Levant Stereographic
NAD83(CSRS) / New Brunswick Stereo
NAD83(CSRS) / Prince Edward Isl. Stereographic (NAD83)
NAD83(CSRS98) / New Brunswick Stereo (deprecated)
NAD83(CSRS98) / Prince Edward Isl. Stereographic (NAD83) (deprecated)
NAD83(CSRS98) / Prince Edward Isl. Stereographic (NAD83) (deprecated)
NZGD49 / Amuri Circuit
NZGD49 / Bay of Plenty Circuit
NZGD49 / Bluff Circuit
NZGD49 / Buller Circuit
NZGD49 / Collingwood Circuit
NZGD49 / Gawler Circuit
NZGD49 / Grey Circuit
NZGD49 / Hawkes Bay Circuit
NZGD49 / Hokitika Circuit
NZGD49 / Jacksons Bay Circuit
NZGD49 / Karamea Circuit
NZGD49 / Lindis Peak Circuit
NZGD49 / Marlborough Circuit
NZGD49 / Mount Eden Circuit
NZGD49 / Mount Nicholas Circuit
NZGD49 / Mount Pleasant Circuit
NZGD49 / Mount York Circuit
NZGD49 / Nelson Circuit
NZGD49 / New Zealand Map Grid
NZGD49 / North Island Grid
NZGD49 / North Taieri Circuit
NZGD49 / Observation Point Circuit
NZGD49 / Okarito Circuit
NZGD49 / Poverty Bay Circuit
NZGD49 / South Island Grid
NZGD49 / Taranaki Circuit
NZGD49 / Timaru Circuit
NZGD49 / Tuhirangi Circuit
NZGD49 / UTM zone 58S
NZGD49 / UTM zone 59S
NZGD49 / UTM zone 60S
NZGD49 / Wairarapa Circuit
NZGD49 / Wanganui Circuit
NZGD49 / Wellington Circuit
Pulkovo 1942(58) / GUGiK-80
Pulkovo 1942(58) / Poland zone I
Pulkovo 1942(58) / Poland zone I (deprecated)
Pulkovo 1942(58) / Poland zone II
Pulkovo 1942(58) / Poland zone III
Pulkovo 1942(58) / Poland zone IV

And YES, I know - many of the EPSG-initiated, and Proj4, references lack 
correct toWGS coefficients so the transforms my not be accurate but that 
is a problem to be handled later (or is there as source with correct 
toWGS coefficients that I may use?)

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