[gdal-dev] Outline of world land masses

Mike Slinn mslinn at mslinn.com
Tue Apr 22 13:38:43 EDT 2008


You've got some interesting data.

Currently the program I'm working on is just for nautical navigation, so 
I'm more interested in the water side of the coastline ... however I 
would like to render the land as a filled region, and for that closed 
polylines are needed.

The details of the coastline are provided by S-57 charts (when loaded) 
however I'd like to have a low resolution image of the entire world for 
orientation purposes.

I'm going to try these images out later this week and will solicit 
feedback from my users:


> So, if you're desperately looking for some (coarse) landuse data
> (available at the same location) that exactly matches the coastline,
> then VMap0 is for you. The GSHHS coastline is much more accurate, and
> having closed polygons might be an advantage, but for its accuracy it
> does not match the VMap0 landuse,
> 	Martin.

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