[gdal-dev] Re: reprojecting a georeferenced image (PNG, JPG)

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen at gmx-topmail.de
Wed Aug 6 18:08:59 EDT 2008

> Two years ago, I had the same problem. The cascading documentation
> is not obvious when starting with gdal.
> (My problem was a CMD LINE BUFFER EXCEEDED error using gdal_merge.py not 
> knowing that I can use the general option --optfile). Starting the 
> documentation with a brief description of the cascading structure will 
> help a lot.). I think Tim is another example.
Thanks for the support ;-)

I think that gdal/ogr are really useful tools. But the options are just 
that many that one needs some time to find his/her way around. So some 
questions may seem silly to long time users but not to beginners.
Many GIS users only use the GIS GUIs to reformat/reproject GIS data.
Therefore, thanks to all who patiently help out.

Kind regards,

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