[gdal-dev] Minimalist Windows binaries (OGR)

D eloquence2 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 04:15:34 EDT 2008

>  Dear Philippe,
> you might try just to copy your PRJ file from an ESRI ArcGIS installation
> (under \Program Files\ArcGIS\Coordinate Systems). However, I have seen
> problems in ArcObjects when programatically calling a Projection ID that was
> not hard-coded with ESRI SW or with work-around with adding keywords into
> env. settings.
> However, many PRJ files are identical or similar between different DB of
> spatial references.
> Good luck!
> Dejan
>   On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 10:06 AM, Philippe Kruschitz <
> kruschitz at grid-it.at> wrote:
>> Hi Dejan,
>> Thanks for the explanation. I wasn't aware that the ESRI projections
>> definitions were modified that often. As I'm working with only a couple of
>> projections in this project, I'll write the PRJ files manually (and hope
>> they don't change those definitions in a near future...)
>> Regards,
>> Philippe
>> However, I do see that a whole database of PRJ files has to be
>>> incorporated and matched with a projection database in FW Tools/GDAL, since
>>> the keywords for different PCS, GCS, DATUMS, SPHEREOIDS and other parameters
>>> have to keep the same/identical (they are then stored e.g. into SDE
>>> repository directly after importing a SHP into a GDB, so you might have
>>> different SRID entries for the same Spatial references as you might have
>>> different PRJ files pointing to the same spatial references, with the
>>> same/similar parameters).
>> However, ESRI is updating its projection database quite often (even
>>> through the SP releases), so reconciling both database could be a huge task.
>>> Not being in sync with the ESRI DB can cause users using GDAL managed data
>>> at ESRI side some problems, especially when calling SRIDs or having multiple
>>> environments, different ESRI SW versions and updates installed.
>>>  However, I would love to see that output files from GDAL have
>>> appropriate PRJ files with it, if this is feasible :-)
>>>  Best regards,
>>> Dejan
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