[gdal-dev] [GDAL 1.5.1] How to build and run GDAL 1.5.1 on windows

Cherif Oueslati oueslati.cherif at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 04:35:43 EDT 2008

Hello every body,

I found a problem to run the GDAL 1.5.1 in a MS Visual Studio 2003
Environment, to test the implementation of a driver that i developed.
The error appears when i would like to run the project and indicates that it
is impossible to begin the debug because it's impossible to start the
Someone suggest to me to well define the "environment variables".
Can you tell me how could i run gdal 1.5.1 or how to set the "environment
variables" inside the visual studio it self.
With all my gratitude.
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