[gdal-dev] SoC Final Report: GDAL TMS driver

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Aug 20 12:14:56 EDT 2008


I received the following report from Václav on the GDAL TMS driver status:

Since the final deadline has approached, I am sending you the result of 
my futile attempt to implement the TMS driver.

The reading part sort of works. The driver always assumes Origin is in 
the bottom left corner of the map. There is no support for profiles and 
projections. It will read the raster data from disk.

I could not get the writing right. During testing, gdal_translate 
regularily calls methods on dataset that has already been deleted, don't 
know why. The driver will write the xml resource file, create the 
directory structure and fill it with empty tiles. Writing after this 
point doesn't work, the cached tiles won't be written and for the life 
of me I don't know why. Also the IRasterIO implementation is probably 
bogus too, since gdal_translate calls IWriteBlock only on the 
TopRasterBand instead of on all overviews as it should. There are no 
output settings, tiles are hardcoded to PNG, 256x256 pixels.

I have uploaded the source he supplied into /spike/tms in the GDAL 
subversion and added some notes on how to build and test it at:

The project period is over, and it isn't clear whether Václav will be 
doing any more work on the driver.  I'm available to consult and help 
with anyone wanting to carry this effort forward.  For the time being 
the project artifacts are captured in the wiki and subversion and should 
not be lost.

Best regards,

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