[gdal-dev] netcdf driver

Christopher Condit condit at sdsc.edu
Thu Aug 21 15:19:12 EDT 2008

Hi Denis-

I put this patch in a few months ago addressing this libdap 3.8 issue:


This will get the code to build against libdap3.8 (primarily a namespace
problem), but there are still issues accessing DODS datasources:



If you get some time to look into this it would be great...






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I will being doing some new development on netCDF driver to make it more
CF-1 Compliant. 

Note: when I compiled the netCDF 3.6.2  with HDF4.2r3 (with the flag
--disable-netcdf)  I had to change all macros such as "MAX_NC_NAME" to
"H4_MAX_NC_NAME" and many other similar macros. Need to do some testing
on this.

I also noticed that DODS (dodsdataset2.cpp) does not seem to compile
with libdap3.8.2.  There are some major changes in the library for C++.

I will take a look into this as well, but do not promess anything...

If you have suggestion of improvements for DODS, HDF4 and netCDF
drivers, let me know, I have a little bit of time this coming month.


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