[gdal-dev] Memory fragmentation and memory consumption when warping with GCPs

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Dec 9 11:22:26 EST 2008

Joaquim Luis wrote:
> Frank,
> Maybe I was not clear enough, but the memory segmentation has nothing to do
> with the GCP warping. It results from loading the gdal.dll
> For example, on a fresh start if I call (one other MEX for reading) 
> gdalread
> without arguments, it prints the usage on screen. After this, which did not
> perform any calculus, the memory is already fragmented.


OK.  Well, generally speaking GDAL should allocate relatively little
memory just on loading the DLL (and perhaps calling GDALAllRegister()).
So I don't know why you are seeing the problem you see.

> The issue with the GCPs is that with a largest chunk of ~500 Mb I'm not 
> able to warp with 5000 GCPs.

Does this aspect really have anything to do with the number of GCPs?
Are you using the GDAL warp algorithm?  There are things you can control
about the amount of memory it tries to use that might be relavent.

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