[gdal-dev] Memory fragmentation and memory consumption when warping with GCPs

Joaquim Luis jluis at ualg.pt
Tue Dec 9 11:52:13 EST 2008

> Joaquim,
> OK.  Well, generally speaking GDAL should allocate relatively little
> memory just on loading the DLL (and perhaps calling GDALAllRegister()).

> So I don't know why you are seeing the problem you see.

It's ok. I was not expecting an easy answer but I think this issue worth reporting.
Anyway, the fragmentation (note that there is not a total free memory reduction) is probably
originated by all the gdal.dll dependencies that one can see with the Dependency Walker being
loaded by the gdal.dll

> Does this aspect really have anything to do with the number of GCPs?
> Are you using the GDAL warp algorithm?

Oh yes, with 2500 GCPs I can do the warping. And yes I'm using the
GDAL warp algorithm (the mex is more or less a copy of gdaltransform)



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