[gdal-dev] Using topocentric coordinate system

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Dec 18 13:25:08 EST 2008

Eran Burstain wrote:
> Hi !
> Lately, the EPSG has added topocentric coordinate system, with codes :
> System : 6512
> Methods : 9836,9837
> Parameters : 8834..8839
> Can I or how can I Convert/Create a raster band (of image or of 
> elevation) to that system ?
> Is there a way to describe the system without the epsg code (importing 
> WKT or proj4 format ?)
> Can I describe rotation and translation from geocentric system in other 
> way (after all topocentric is only rotation and translation).


I am not familiar with topocentric coordinates and don't know any way to
support them in GDAL/OGR or PROJ.4.

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