[gdal-dev] gdal 1.6 build on redhat Linux, missing gdal.py _gdalmodule.so

Gong, Shawn (Contractor) Shawn.Gong at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Thu Dec 18 16:11:56 EST 2008

hi list,

I just finished building gdal 1.6 on redhat Linux (using gcc 4.2.2,
python 2.5.2).
After taking Even Rouault and Frank's suggestion, I used the minimized
driver approach. It seemed to work.

  ./configure --prefix=/home/sgong/dev181/dist --with-png=internal
--with-libtiff=internal --with-gif=internal --with-geotiff=internal
--with-libz=/home/sgong/dev181/dist --with-jpeg=/home/sgong/dev181/dist
--with-hdf4=/home/sgong/dev181/dist --with-hdf5=/home/sgong/dev181/dist
--without-ogdi --without-jasper --without-ecw --without-curl
--without-expat --without-dwgdirect --without-mrsid --without-jp2mrsid
--without-mysql --without-odbc --without-grib --without-pg

One question: 
After gdal build, the python files: gdal.py, ogr.py, osr.py,
gdalconst.py, gdalnumeric.py did not get copied to
[local_install]/lib/python2.5/site-packages/.  Nor did the
_gdalmodule.a, _gdalmodule.la, _gdalmodule.so,

Did I miss something in config?


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