Re: [gdal-dev] Debugging on Windows Using Visual Studio

Lucena, Ivan ivan.lucena at
Sat Dec 20 18:31:33 EST 2008

Hi Joel,

If you use of the .vcproj files provided by the GDAL distribution you should be able to create breakpoints and run in debugging mode. It is not perfect, some times I have problems with that too. I like the way that Netbeans C++ handle makefiles on Linux better than VS but I never tried it on Windows. Try something simple first like debugging gdalinfo first. It should work.



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>  Has anyone had any experience troubleshooting debugging issues with
>  Visual Studio?  I can't step in to any GDAL methods from my project,
>  even though I have debug symbols in the .dll and a debug database file
>  (.pdb).  Any experiences working this out would be appreciated.
>  Thanks.
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