[gdal-dev] Getting vmap coverage description from OGDI driver

QUILLET Jean-Charles jean-charles.quillet at alyotech.fr
Mon Dec 22 04:45:32 EST 2008


I'm using gdal to read vector vmap layers and it works great. I'm trying to get easier layer names than the ones returned from gdal, like "watrcrsl at hydro(*)_line" which are not very explicit for a end user point of view.

The software VPFView is able somehow to get more explicit names of vmap coverages. I've no idea if these are actually read from the vmap files. But it might be interesting for me to get it as well.

Is there any way, it can be done using gdal ? If not, is there a one to one link between gdal layer names and descriptions from VPFView ? like the layer "watrcrsl at hydro(*)_line" corresponding to coverage: "hydrography", feature class: "water courses"

Any help or information greatly appreciated,


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