[gdal-dev] gdal 1.6.0 envi driver

Gong, Shawn (Contractor) Shawn.Gong at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Tue Dec 23 11:43:20 EST 2008

hi list,

I built gdal 1.6.0 on Linux with minimized-drivers option. Now I cannot
read ENVI's img files (my gdal 1.4.0 can read the envi img files). 
How do I add envi driver?
should I use "configure --with-envi=internal" ?

============ GDALmake.opt:
GDAL_FORMATS = 	gxf gtiff hfa aigrid aaigrid ceos ceos2 iso8211 xpm \
		sdts raw dted mem jdem envisat elas fit vrt usgsdem l1b
		nitf bmp pcidsk airsar rs2 ilwis rmf leveller sgi
srtmhgt \
		idrisi gsg ingr ers jaxapalsar dimap gff cosar pds adrg
		coasp tsx terragen blx msgn \
		bsb hdf5 hdf4 gif jpeg png pcraster 


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