[gdal-dev] gdal 1.6.0 envi driver

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Dec 23 12:05:05 EST 2008

Gong, Shawn (Contractor) wrote:
> hi list,
> I built gdal 1.6.0 on Linux with minimized-drivers option. Now I cannot 
> read ENVI’s img files (my gdal 1.4.0 can read the envi img files).
> How do I add envi driver?
> should I use “configure –-with-envi=internal” ?
> ============ GDALmake.opt:
> GDAL_FORMATS =  gxf gtiff hfa aigrid aaigrid ceos ceos2 iso8211 xpm \
>                 sdts raw dted mem jdem envisat elas fit vrt usgsdem l1b \
>                 nitf bmp pcidsk airsar rs2 ilwis rmf leveller sgi srtmhgt \
>                 idrisi gsg ingr ers jaxapalsar dimap gff cosar pds adrg \
>                 coasp tsx terragen blx msgn \
>                 bsb hdf5 hdf4 gif jpeg png pcraster


Including "raw" in the GDAL_FORMATS should result in the ENVI driver being
included.   Try "gdalinfo --format envi" to check if the driver is built in.
If it is built in, but your file isn't working then we can dig into that
particular file in more detail, perhaps via a ticket.

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