[gdal-dev] GDAL/OGR 1.5.2 Released

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Jun 6 13:16:51 EDT 2008


I'm pleased to announce the release of GDAL/OGR 1.5.2, a 1.5.x stable
branch bug fix release.


The following bugs were fixed since the 1.5.1 release.

  * #2036 (CPL): Fix precision issues with CPLAtof() functions.
  * #2386 (OGR): Fix ExecuteSQL() with empty query.
  * #2349 (GML): Fix memory bug in GetNextFeature() when using attribute filter.
  * #2145 (GDAL): Fix segfault when building overviews with USE_RRD YES.
  * #2382 (GDAL): Fix INST_DATA setting (/share/gdal instead of /share)
  * #2369 (AAIGRID): Fix buffer type in CreateCopy()
  * #2372 (GTIff): Fix buffer overflow in GTIFGetOGISDefn()
  * #2366 (NITF): Fix one byte buffer overflow for TEXT data
  * #2358 (OGR SQL): Fix segfault processing select on layer with no attributes
  * #2363 (HTTP): Fix logic to read file via /tmp
  * #2362 (NITF): Fix crash on NITF file with no image segment
  * #2123 (PG): Use auth_srid for matching against spatial_ref_sys
  * #2289 (SGI): Avoid reconising SRTMHGT files as SGI files
  * #2050 (MingW): Fix for Expat detection on MinGW
  * #2350 (OCI): Fix buffer size problem when reading back negative numbers
  * #2348 (USGSDEM): Support broken file format variation
  * #2339 (ODBC): Win32 only support for multi-byte text
  * #2335 (Interlis): Fix crash in open with empty datasource name
  * #2334 (OGR): Fix OGRGeometryCollection::getCoordinateDimension()
  * #2231 (Java): Removed ColorTable from Java Bindings
  * #2317 (GeoJson): Fix min/max build problem on some platforms
  * #2323 (OGR): NULL is valid argument to SetGeometry/SetGeometryDirectly
  * #2135 (NITF): Fix improper reporting of lat/long coordinates in some cases
  * #2322 (GTiff): Fix formating of driver capabilities XML to be valid
  * #2321 (ISIS3): Fix earth model meter/kilometer mixup
  * #2318 (CPL): Normalize /vsimem paths so they work smoothly on windows
  * #2314 (CPL): Fix bug with url encoding in CPLEscapeString()
  * #2309 (Shape): Fix crash dealing with unknown field types in debug mode
  * #2303 (PG): Fix buffer overwrite in PG driver
  * #1951 (Warp): Fix Lanczos Resample Anomolies near nodata values
  * #2301 (Warp): Fix memory allocator/deallocator mismatch for TPS
  * #2300 (Warp): Fix TPS initialization bug causing occational TPS failures
  * #2291 (CPL): Fix memory corruption in CPLResetExtension() with empty path
  * #2288 (GDAL): Path fix on win32 for GDALDriverManager::AutoLoadDrivers
  * #2277 (RMF): fix crash with coordinate system import
  * #1935 (ECW): Be more careful deciding what geotransform to ignore
  * #???? (GeoJSON): Support reading/writing 2.5D geometries.

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