[gdal-dev] Projection information in the aux.xml

Robert Beckwith Robert.Beckwith at delorme.com
Wed Sep 3 13:08:33 EDT 2008

I am currently using GDAL and MrSID DSDK for reading and georeferencing
raster files.

Currently it is using the .aux file for projection information and this
is working fine for .sid and .tiff files.

(I have tried using 1.5.0, 1.5.2 and the current dev branch) 


Now it seems like starting with Arc 9.2 this projection data is in the
.aux.xml file. 

As of now I have not been able to get this to work. I think everything
is ok and correctly setup.

Pam builds the correct filename *.sid.aux.xml and does the xml parsing,
but it looks like it might be failing on getting the projection
reference (InitOGRRef) or ?


I am still looking into this, does anyone have suggestions or where I
should focus? 

I can see the projection information in ArcMap and it looks good. 




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