[gdal-dev] openev weird geoconcept error on opening large raster

Vincent Schut schut at sarvision.nl
Thu Sep 4 09:27:41 EDT 2008

Hi lists (sorry for cross-posting, it's an openev question but gdal
related and the openev-list is pretty much traffic-less these days, so I
decided to also post to gdal-dev...)

I'm using openev from fwtools-2.0.6 on linux, and have difficulties
opening largish rasters, be it (big)tiff or envi. Largish being around
4.7 Gb. Whenever I try to open such a file (actually, also any 2.3 Gb
file) I get an error that says: "<filename> is neither a file or
directory, geoconcept access failed." I tried with a geotiff file and
also with an ENVI version of the same file.

Any ideas?

Btw I usually use gdal from svn, but for openev it's a bit hard for me
to build it myself because of 32bit/64bit issues and myself using the
python NG bindings, while openev wants the old bindings, so things don't
quite mix well. I know this complicates matters. E.g. I cannot just
replace the fwtools libgdal.so with mine from /usr/local/lib because
that one is 64bit, while fwtools' is 32 bit...


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