[gdal-dev] KML and custom styles

Christopher Condit condit at sdsc.edu
Thu Sep 4 18:46:08 EDT 2008

Hi Tom-
The KML styling has always been problematic because of course everyone
will want something different. I do think this would be a good idea, but
I'm not sure how many folks / organizations are using this kind of setup
now. At my institution we typically write an XSL stylesheet to
postprocess any KML that needs to look nice. I put an example out on the
http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal under KML, but there seems to be a problem
with the trac server right now.

If you think people would use this feature go ahead and file an
enhancement  ticket (once the trac server gets fixed) for it and I'll
try and take a look soon.

Thanks for the input!

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> Hi: using svn trunk, the KML output has reletively simple style
> definitions by default.
> OGC KML allows for styles to be remotely defined within the <styleURL>
> element, which refs a local or remote file, and XPointer to a given
> style def.  For example:
> <styleUrl>somefile.kml#mystyle</styleUrl>
> ...would use the style mystyle in somefile.kml.
> I wonder whether this would be a useful -dsco for KML output (default
> behaviour would be as per the current behaviour).  Something like
> LayerStyle=[LayerName,]somefile.kml#mystyle.
> the KML driver would then use this to output the style def for the
> given layer.  If LayerName is not specified, the style is applied to
> the entire document.
> Comments?
> ..Tom
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