[gdal-dev] Postgis 8.3 support

Christopher Condit condit at sdsc.edu
Thu Sep 4 18:55:43 EDT 2008

Hi Craig-

I haven't had any problems building gdal with postgres 8.3 support.

1)      What code base are you building with?

2)      Can you be more specific about your errors?


Your nmake.opt definition is nearly identical to mine (except for the
location of postgres).



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Does OGR support Postgis 8.3 under Windows?


I have the following defined in my nmake.opt but am still getting all
sorts of linker errors:



# PostGIS Libraries

PG_INC_DIR = C:\pg\include\

PG_LIB = C:\pg\lib\libpq.lib wsock32.lib




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