[gdal-dev] Newbie Developer Question About Linking

Joel Odom joelodom at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 15:11:34 EDT 2008

I'm new to GDAL, though I'm looking forward to using it.  I've compiled
1.5.2 under Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and am trying to experiment with
the library.  In my application that links to the library I'm getting an
unresolved reference (pasted below).  I don't have any ODBC experience and
would appreciate any advice as to how I can resolve this reference (and some
other ODBC unresolved externals that come after this) so I can compile and
use OGR.  Thanks much for any help.

Error 3 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
_SQLInstallerError at 20referenced in function "public: int __thiscall
CPLODBCDriverInstaller::InstallDriver(char const *,char const *,unsigned
short)" (?InstallDriver at CPLODBCDriverInstaller@@QAEHPBD0G at Z) gdal.lib

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