[gdal-dev] cannot seem to get projection data from an aux.xml file correctly.

Robert Beckwith Robert.Beckwith at delorme.com
Wed Sep 10 10:14:14 EDT 2008

I am using GDALPamDataset::GetProjectionRef() to fetch the definition
string for the dataset.

Then use that to importFromWkt with that definition and then CloneGeoCS
to set up a coordinate transformation I need to use.

This works fine for MrSID files that have a .aux file.


But,  When I use the same methods with a MrSID file with an aux.xml file
this does not work.

I am thinking that when I call GetProjectionRef() the string is labeled
LOCAL_CS this in turn ends up failing later down the line.

Especially when trying to CloneGeoCS as no  GEOGCS node exists.


I am looking for some help to get this working for aux.xml files. 



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