[gdal-dev] Accessing OGRStyleTable

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Thanks for your answer. As Tim said, I need to access all members of the
OGRStyleTable for listing them in a GUI.
I think maybe it should exist an interface for getting a list of all style
names and definitions (a char**, for example).
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2008/9/11 Mateusz Łoskot <mateusz at loskot.net>

> Alberto Pérez Cassinelli pisze:
>> Hi, I'm getting an OGRStyleTable from an OGRDataSource.
>> My problem is that I need to access all members of this OGRStyleTable
>> (that
>> is all style definitions and names) to store them in a data structure of
>> type string vector,
> Alberto,
> Why you need to access private elements of class.
> You should not even know they exist.
>  but I don't find any method to do it sequentially (I
>> can't read one by one because I don't know their names).
> See section 3 for usage example
> http://home.gdal.org/projects/opengis/ogr_feature_style_008.html
> It explains how to read styles sequentially.
>  In short I need access to OGRStyleTable::m_papszStyleTable.
> > Anyone know how to do this?
> I suppose rationale of your concept is bad. You should not neet to access
> it.
> Best regards,
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