[gdal-dev] Using a specific earth model

Andrea Battisti battisti at actgate.com
Fri Sep 12 12:47:39 EDT 2008

> from a GeoTIFF file, then I would have expected PCI to write
> the proper spheroid info into the geotiff file, and for GDAL to pick it
> up.  If this is the situation, I'd appreciate seeing a "listgeo" report
> on the file.  Listgeo is part of libgeotiff and should be available in
> FWTools distributions.

The file is generated by other people and unfortunately I have no
control over it.
I guess some PCI software has been used, I am asking for details.
Does it sounds like there is a missing auxiliary file?

The output of listgeo follows:

   Version: 1
   Key_Revision: 1.0
      ModelTiepointTag (2,3):
         0                0                0               
         -781858.244      5464307.74       0               
      ModelPixelScaleTag (1,3):
         1100             1100             0               
      GTModelTypeGeoKey (Short,1): ModelTypeProjected
      GTRasterTypeGeoKey (Short,1): RasterPixelIsArea
      GTCitationGeoKey (Ascii,17): "SIN         E019"
      GeographicTypeGeoKey (Short,1): User-Defined
      GeogAngularUnitsGeoKey (Short,1): Angular_Degree
      ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey (Short,1): User-Defined
      ProjectionGeoKey (Short,1): User-Defined
      ProjCoordTransGeoKey (Short,1): CT_Sinusoidal
      ProjLinearUnitsGeoKey (Short,1): Linear_Meter
      ProjFalseEastingGeoKey (Double,1): 0               
      ProjFalseNorthingGeoKey (Double,1): 0               
      ProjCenterLongGeoKey (Double,1): -82             

Projection Method: CT_Sinusoidal
   ProjCenterLongGeoKey: -82.000000 ( 82d 0' 0.00"W)
   ProjFalseEastingGeoKey: 0.000000 m
   ProjFalseNorthingGeoKey: 0.000000 m
Projection Linear Units: 9001/metre (1.000000m)

Corner Coordinates:
Upper Left    ( -781858.244, 5464307.737)  ( 92d45' 9.10"W, 49d18'42.61"N)
Lower Left    ( -781858.244, 4585407.737)  ( 91d21' 0.59"W, 41d24'13.33"N)
Upper Right   (  524941.756, 5464307.737)  ( 74d46'50.61"W, 49d18'42.61"N)
Lower Right   (  524941.756, 4585407.737)  ( 75d43'20.19"W, 41d24'13.33"N)
Center        ( -128458.244, 5024857.737)  ( 83d38'22.15"W, 45d21'32.91"N)


Andrea Battisti
Applied Coherent Technology Corp.

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