[gdal-dev] Topological Union?

Craig Miller craig.miller at spatialminds.com
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I wound up using Spatialite (SQLite + WKB/GEOS support) instead of writing my own code.  It was very fast and easy to setup.  It would make a perfect teaching/learning tool for anyone who wants to learn about SQL and spatial operators.


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Craig Miller wrote:
> Thanks Brent.  I'm looking for a C/C++ solution.  I'll take a look at 
> the other polygon processing libraries as well as the level of effort 
> in porting JTS Cascaded Unions to Geos... that's a conversation for a 
> different mailing list though.


I agree with Brent that performance is/may not be very impressive.
In OGR, this is mostly caused by a need to convert OGRGeometry type to GEOS geometry type [1] - allocating & copying coordinates data is expansive.

However, if you are developing your own solution in C++, you can avoid this by defining your geometry in terms of interface of geos::geom::Geometry or - following design pattern called adapter, you can provide a thin wrapper on your geometry type that will make it accessible to GEOS engine. This way you should get rid of major bottleneck of OGR<->GEOS interoperability.

[1] http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/browser/trunk/gdal/ogr/ogrgeometry.cpp#L2105

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