[gdal-dev] Re: GDAL version for reading TerrasarX data

Vincent Schut schut at sarvision.nl
Fri Sep 19 05:55:00 EDT 2008


first: please always include the gdal list in your replies. Others might 
want to follow the discussion, might know answers, and everything will 
be archived and searcheable later when someone has the same problem. You 
don't even need to include my private email address, as I'm following 
gdal-dev pretty closely and will answer on threads that I participated 
in (provided I know an answer).

That being said, I'd say try to tackle one problem at a time. First make 
sure you know your gdal works, and works for terrasar-x data. Try 
running some gdal commandline apps (gdalinfo, gdal_translate) on files 
you know it should be able to read (e.g. geotiff or the like), and check 
whether everything works OK. Then run gdalinfo on a terrasar-x file (use 
the .xml file for that, not the cosar file). it should give you some 
basic info about the terrasar data, probably with lat and lon for the 
corner gcp's flipped when you did not patch your gdal before building 
(see the bug report I mentioned). When you have that working, try otb 
(don't forget: use the terrasar .xml file as input).
When something fails and you don't know why or how to fix it, please 
post to this list again (or, in case of an otb related error, to the otb 
list), including what fails (your command line input, or code) and the 
error if you get one, otherwise it will be very hard for us to know what 
possibly went wrong and how to proceed.

Good luck!

Severino wrote:
> Hi Vincent,
> thank you very much for your information.
> I have compiled GDAL 1.5.0 and also GDAL 1.5.2 but I get a crash with
> both of them. I have to see if I can identify the reason. This happens
> just using otbReadImageInfo.
> Regards
> Severino
> On 18 sep, 14:37, Vincent Schut <sc... at sarvision.nl> wrote:
>> Severino wrote:
>>> which version of GDAL has to be installed with OTB to read TerrasarX
>>> cosar format data?
>> Hi Severino,
>> I don't know for sure if 1) OTB relies on gdal to read terrasar data,
>> and 2) if there is an official gdal release incorporating terrasar-x
>> support. You might want to post that question on the gdal users mailing
>> list.
>> FYI, I am using gdal svn trunk here, and that still contains a bug in
>> gdal reading the terrasar corner gcp's. See this gdal conversation:
>> <http://n2.nabble.com/terrasar-x-driver-swaps-gcp-lon-lat-tp1057723p10...>
>> and this gdal bug: <http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/ticket/2565>, which
>> includes a patch.
>> Cheers,
>> Vincent.
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