[gdal-dev] query raster values by xy-location

Jose Gomez-Dans jgomezdans at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 09:26:49 EDT 2008


2008/9/26 <Andruit at gmx.de>

> I have an ESRI ascii raster and would like to get the raster values at
> defined x y locations.
> At the moment I am capable to load the Raster Dataset and can perform
> several operations like querying the  Min/Max values, the origin, the
> pixelsize and so on....
> But is there a function to get the cell value of a raster at a certain
> location (x y)????

You can work out the row and column of your pixel from your (x,y) location
using the raster's geotransform. You can then read in the value of that
particular pixel.

Hope that helps,

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Department of Geography, University College London
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