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Riki Tiki mongoose_riki at mail.ru
Mon Aug 10 13:40:08 EDT 2009

Hi All,

I was trying to write a c# program to copy the existing raster file to a new raster file so that at the end i both files while displayed on tools like arcmap will be exactly the same... i started as follows

string src_file = @"C:\raster1";
Dataset src_ds  = Gdal.Open(src_file, Access.GA_ReadOnly);

Driver dr = Gdal.GetDriverByName("GTiff");
string dest_file = @"C:\raster_copy";
Dataset dest_ds = dr.Create(dest_file, src_ds.RasterXSize, src_ds.RasterYSize,
                            1, DataType.GDT_Float32, null);

now i do not know how to continue...? plz, can you help me?


i have already seen above one but that creates two different images when i open in arcmap.

thanks a lot!

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