[gdal-dev] convert Grass Raster to netCDF

chen cui cui_chan at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 12 10:15:30 EDT 2009


i would like to convert Grass Raster to netCDF format.

i have used  the following command from gdal library:

gdal_translate /directory/Global/Permanent/cellhd/RasterMask RasterNC.nc

which worked well!

i also use gdalinfo to check the netCDF file:

gdalinfo RasterNC.nc

Driver: GTiff/GeoTIFF
Size is 20, 2
Coordinate System is `'
Origin = (74.000000,35.500000)
Pixel Size = (0.20000000,-0.20000000)
Corner Coordinates:
Upper Left  (  74.0000000,  35.5000000)
Lower Left  (  74.0000000,  35.1000000)
Upper Right (  78.0000000,  35.5000000)
Lower Right (  78.0000000,  35.1000000)
Center      (  76.0000000,  35.3000000)
Band 1 Block=20x2 Type=Float32, ColorInterp=Gray
 NoData Value=-9999

Which shows the driver information is GTiff/GeoTIFF not
Driver:netCDF/Network Common Data Format

Could anybody tell me why it is like that? What kind of netCDF file format it is after using gdal_translate?

best regards,

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