[gdal-dev] Re: C# Nad27 to WGS 84

Tomas R monshi at home.se
Thu Aug 20 16:13:50 EDT 2009

Installed .Net2 SDK on my Vista machine and compiled it via that 
installation and it worked. But should it not be doable on a .net3.5 
installation? From GUI editor (VSE 2008) it is, should also be via the 
command line.


Tamas Szekeres skrev:
> 2009/8/18 Tomas R <monshi at home.se <mailto:monshi at home.se>>
>     Ah, thanks. Been away some time from the list and no email
>     regarding this answer. Will try it but am happy with the binaries
>     I currently have.
>     Another Q...
>     On my Vista machine when I compile GDAL/Swig-links  it  is
>     compiled for the .Net 3.5 platform. Would like to target .Net 2
>     instead. How? Am investigating myself but no luck so far.
>     Must I install .Net 2 SDK on my Vista? In the GUI there is no
>     problem targeting .Net 2 but on the commandline? I currently open
>     up, set up, the environment using the setenv.cmd in the folder
>     C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.1\Bin
>     Compiles fine, but to .Net 3.5.
>     An environment setting? or?
> I don't see any any framework preference in the default compilation, 
> it depends on which version of mscorlib is available at compile time. 
> This should be .net framework 2.0 by default, so make sure this 
> framewok version have been installed side by side on the development 
> machine.
> Best regards,
> Tamas
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