[gdal-dev] [1.6.0][GDALWARP] World file name is empty

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Feb 24 13:18:45 EST 2009

RICHARD Didier wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am having the following behavior with gdalwarp (freshly compiled from
> 1.6.0) when I am requiring to get a tfw file (former releases didn't have
> this behavior) :
> $ gdalwarp ... -co "TFW=YES" in.tif out.tif
> "out.tif" and ".tfw" files are generated (before 1.6.0, I got "out.tif"
> and "out.tfw")
> If I remove the -co "TFW=YES", only the "out.tif" is produced. Then,
> $ gdal_translate -co "TFW=YES" out.tif out2.tif
> "out2.tif" and "out2.tfw" are generated as expected.
> I noticed that osFilename is empty in WriteGeoTIFFInfo() function.
> A workaround solution (for me only) was to add :
> poDS->osFilename = pszFilename;
> at line 5420 of GTiffDataset::Create() function in geotiff.cpp.
> Did anyone else face this behavior ?
> Should I put a ticket (I didn't find such a report in the trac) ?


I was unable to reproduce this problem and it appears that
GTiffDataset::Create() does assign osFilename with pszFilename fairly
prominately in trunk and 1.6 branch.  I suspect this is a problem someone
already noticed and fixed.  I'd appreciate it if you could confirm the
behavior no longer occurs for you with trunk (or 1.6 branch if that is
convenient for you to build from).  If the problem persists, then filing
a ticket would be appropriate.

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