[gdal-dev] Re: Link GDAL with MinGW

LF lucafasano at interfree.it
Thu Feb 26 09:03:01 EST 2009

Ari Jolma <ari.jolma <at> tkk.fi> writes:
> MinGW gcc generates .dll.a files, which are the link libraries, but it 
> can also use the plain dll to link against.
> However, when you mention gdal16.dll, it sounds like you're trying to 
> link against a GDAL dll that was generated with VC. The C++ API is very 
> difficult to use from such dll when you're developing with MinGW if not 
> impossible.
I'm not sure of this. In the same project I linked *correctly* hdf5 library,
which is a dll file and I think compiled with VC. 
I've problem only with gdal.

Perhaps it needs some flags when compile.
> Ari
> LF kirjoitti:
> > Hi to everyone,
> > I'm trying to make a plugin for GDAL. So I need to use some GDALDataset 
> > (AddBand, GetDriver, setGCPs, ...).
> > When I compile my code with MinGW it's all OK, but when MinGW starts 
linking it
> > doesn't found these methods and give me "undefined reference" to all them.
> > In makefile I added to LNK_FLAGS variable both gdal16.dll and its path.

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