[gdal-dev] Link GDAL with MinGW

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Thu Feb 26 08:08:04 EST 2009

MinGW gcc generates .dll.a files, which are the link libraries, but it 
can also use the plain dll to link against.

However, when you mention gdal16.dll, it sounds like you're trying to 
link against a GDAL dll that was generated with VC. The C++ API is very 
difficult to use from such dll when you're developing with MinGW if not 
impossible. I, for one, have never succeeded. The Swig bindings use some 
C++ API, which have so far prevented me from using "an official" binary 
gdal dll for the Perl bindings for example.


LF kirjoitti:
> Hi to everyone,
> I'm trying to make a plugin for GDAL. So I need to use some GDALDataset methods
> (AddBand, GetDriver, setGCPs, ...).
> When I compile my code with MinGW it's all OK, but when MinGW starts linking it
> doesn't found these methods and give me "undefined reference" to all them.
> In makefile I added to LNK_FLAGS variable both gdal16.dll and its path. I tried
> to use gdal_i.lib of 1.5 version too, but nothing appened.
> If it's useful I copy CPP_FLAGS following:
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