[gdal-dev] Extract BIGTiff libraries from GDAL source package

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jul 23 21:12:01 EDT 2009

David Burken wrote:
> Enrico,
> I like to build straight from cvs:
> cvs -d :pserver:cvsanon at cvs.maptools.org:/cvs/maptools/cvsroot co libtiff


I concur with Dave.  The best place to get the latest libtiff4 with
bigtiff support is CVS.  Please note that the Aperio code is a distinct
fork of libtiff and not supported or encouraged for use by the core
libtiff maintainers (ie. me).  It is unfortunate that it places well on
a BigTIFF google search as it has lead several folks astray, including
at least one sizable commercial organization who helped fund the
official libtiff BigTIFF port!

Best regards,

> On 07/23/2009 04:56 AM, Enrico Sartorello wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> i need to have a correct BIGTiff package for using it in a program 
>> i've written in C.
>> As far as i can see, the bigtiff package distributed on 
>> http://www.aperio.com/bigtiff/ is old and can't be correctly compiled, 
>> so i thought i would get it from GDAL.
>> I've seen that BIGTiff is under gdal/frmts/gtiff/libtiff, and i'm even 
>> able to make it separately from the rest of GDAL.
>> But make just create a bunch of *.o files from the sources on that dir 
>> and nothing more i can use to replace a normal libtiff installation.
>> What do i have to do to get my ready-to-use BIGTiff distribution?
>> Thanks in advance
>> -- 
>> Enrico Sartorello
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