[gdal-dev] Unsupported SRS but available in epsg file

Guillaume Sueur no-reply at neogeo-online.net
Wed Nov 18 04:27:48 EST 2009

> When you use "EPSG:xxxx" or "+init=EPSG:xxxxx" as a SRS definition, OGR will try
> to resolve the EPSG code from its own CSV data files, and thus will not use
> /usr/share/epsg/proj for this. This is normally done with the
> $(gdal_data)/gcs.csv or $(gdal_data)/pcs.csv files derived from the EPSG
> database. But the simplest way is to add the following line
> to $(gdal_data)/cubewerx_extra.wkt

It appears that I don't have any "extra" file on the system. If I create
it, will gdal magically use it ?
If not, in which file could I add the 900913 definition above ? I've
tried to put it in pcs.csv, without success.



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