[gdal-dev] Copying text segment header for the NITF driver

Chiou, Kevin kevin.chiou at progeny.net
Tue Nov 24 15:15:11 EST 2009

I noticed that the current GDAL NITF driver does not copy text header
when CreateCopy is performed. So I updated the driver code to perform
the copying.  However, the approach I took adds some additional data to
the dataset's metadata.  I want to check to see if this is ok before I
open a Trac ticket to submit my changes.

NITF Text Domain Before:
DATA_0=This is test text file 01.
DATA_1=This is test text file 02.

NITF Text Domain Now:
DATA_0=This is test text file 01.
DATA_1=This is test text file 02.

Implementation Notes:
1)	The "HEADER_" metadata contains the whole header in unparsed
2)	The header data has to be stored somewhere in the dataset so I
can read it back when writing it.  I am open to suggestion for putting
the data somewhere else.

 Let me know if this is ok.

-Kevin Chiou

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