[gdal-dev] Trying to isolate cause of segmentation fault in gdal_rasterize

Roger André randre at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 13:45:41 EDT 2009

Hi All,

I would like to understand the cause of the segmentation fault I am getting
with gdal_rasterize.  I am using the borders of the state of Texas to "burn"
the shape onto an image.  I have tried this with state borders from 2
different data sets: one from ESRI, and one from the US Census.  The ESRI
data consistently fails, but the Census one does not, which leads me to
believe there is something fundamentally different between the geometry data
in each of them.  I would like to identify what that is, in the hopes of
preventing it from happening in the future when the data is used in an
automated system.

Both data sets of 50-state boundaries were loaded into PostGIS using the
shp2pgsql command.  The outlines of Texas were extracted from the DB using
the pgsql2shp command, and both resulting Texas data sets have a single
feature in them.  gdal_rasterize is being sourced from gdal-1.5.2.

Would it be possible to turn on some sort of debug mode without recompiling
gdal?  If not, I see that there is an "--enable-debug" configure option, but
could use a little advice on how to use it properly to track this down.  Any
other thoughts on why the problem might be happening would be welcome as

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

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