[gdal-dev] Tcl bindings for GDAL/OGR.

Alexandros Stergiakis alsterg at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 04:22:37 EDT 2009

Hello all,

It was about time for Tcl to have its own GDAL/OGR bindings.
That was the main objective of my GSoC2009 project this summer.

A patch against gdal-1.6.1 can be downloaded from here:
It introduces all the necessary changes to the source tree to support
Tcl along with the other languages. These bindings are also SWIG generated.

This code is already somehow tested. A demo Tcl application that renders
Raster/Vector GIS files on a Tkzinc canvas can be found here:
This application doesn't support much at the moment. It renders the most
commonly found Raster band types (no support though for:
"Palette" -  "Cyan" - "Magenta" - "Yellow" - "Black" - "YCbCr_Y" -
"YCbCr_Cb" - "YCbCr_Cr")
and only a few features types: Polygon, Polygon25D and MultiPolygon.

Right now the paths for Tcl include and lib dirs and other compile time
flags are hardcoded in the GNUmakefile (swig/tcl/GNUmakefile), but it
would be better to fix this at some point, so that Tcl's own m4 macros
are called from within GDAL's autoconf scripts to do the job.


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