[gdal-dev] Problems with TIFF internal symbols

Antonio Valentino antonio.valentino at tiscali.it
Fri Sep 18 02:55:03 EDT 2009

Hi list,
I'm trying to use OTB (Orfeo ToolBox) on Debian Sid with GDAL 1.6.2 and
I get a lot of segmentation fault related to GDAL and TIFF files.

A guy on the OTB mailing list suggested that it could depend on the
"with-hide-internal-symbols" flag used for Debian packages.

See thread

http groups dot google dot com /group/otb-users/browse_thread/thread/be8ad5e263aafe14

(sorry the spam filter of my ISP keeps blocking this message)

Is the above hypothesis correct?
How can we solve the issue in this case?

Best regards

Antonio Valentino

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