[gdal-dev] Reading/Converting .GDB files ?

Felix Schalck felix.schalck at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 08:38:26 EDT 2009


I was looking for high quality river data to complete my topographic
map, when somebody at the grass mailing list pointed me towards this


The data is said to be of "ArcGis geodatabase" format. I downloaded
the files and it definitely looks like sort of a
database, with each entry split among 4 differents files:

Plus one "gdb" file in the root directory of the db.

Unfortunately, ogrinfo doesn't seem to recognise any of the different
files (but maybe I don't have the right driver compiled into (although
PGEO is shown supported by ogrinfo -f). Has anyone here a clue on how
to open this db, and convert it to something I could work with (like
shapefile, for an instance) ? I got no answer so far from the grass
mailing list, nor from the author of the CCM data.

Thanks for your help,


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