[gdal-dev] problems with gdal_translate

Oz Nahum nahumoz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 12:49:11 EDT 2009

Hi Jean-Claude,
Thanks for your answer !

I would like still to find some things which are not clear to me. Any help
would be appreciated.

Since the horizontal resolution is 1483m/pixel and the vertical resolution
> is 1391m/pixel, it is obvious that your cells are not square !

Hi Jean,
Thanks for your message. Well if that's the case then the error notice in
the code should be changed, imho.
Since the error says:

       "of CELLSIZE since the input pixels are non-square.

But the pixels them selves are square ! Just the whole tiff itself has a non
square resolution.

    adfGeoTransform[0] /* top left x */
    adfGeoTransform[1] /* w-e pixel resolution */
    adfGeoTransform[2] /* rotation, 0 if image is "north up" */
    adfGeoTransform[3] /* top left y */
    adfGeoTransform[4] /* rotation, 0 if image is "north up" */
    adfGeoTransform[5] /* n-s pixel resolution */

following the python api tutorial here http://www.gdal.org/gdal_tutorial.html
I understood that my pixel size is 1 by 1.
So the differnce is:
 the C++ is looking at the X-Y resolution and call is pixel size ?
Whereas in the python tutorial, called this the ,dataSource.RasterXSize ,

>>> dataSource = gdal.Open('area_of_interest.tif')
>>> geotransform = dataSource.GetGeoTransform()
>>> print 'Pixel Size = (',geotransform[1], ',',geotransform[5],')'
Pixel Size = ( 1.0 , -1.0 )
>>> print 'Origin = (',geotransform[0], ',',geotransform[3],')'
Origin = ( 3366307.0 , 5814845.0 )
>>> print 'Size is ',dataSource.RasterXSize,'x',dataSource.RasterYSize,
Size is  1483 x 1391 x 1

Also, one more thing I noticed,
when I convert the tiff to resized tiff, this error is not raised !

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Zentrum für Angewandte Geologie
Universität Tübingen


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