[gdal-dev] problems with gdal_translate

Jean-Claude REPETTO jrepetto at free.fr
Fri Sep 18 04:18:41 EDT 2009

Oz Nahum wrote :
> I am trying to convert a tif with the following extents to an AAIGrid, 
> with gdal translate.
> The tiff file has the following extent:
> (3366307.0, 1.0, 0.0, 5814845.0, 0.0, -1.0)
> and the following resolution 1483, 1391.
> This is really weired because the source code says, that this behavior 
> should be only if the cell size is not square. I think that the input 
> cell sizes are square, am I wrong ?

Since the horizontal resolution is 1483m/pixel and the vertical 
resolution is 1391m/pixel, it is obvious that your cells are not square !

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