[gdal-dev] can ogr2ogr split polygons that cross 180 degree longitude

Eric Muller eric.muller at efele.net
Sun Sep 27 15:56:15 EDT 2009

I am trying to reproject  shapefiles that represent Russia (from 
from the original:

    The map is Albers equal-area projection Clarke spheroid of1866 with
    the first standard parallel 46 00 0.000, the second standard
    parallel 73 00 0.000, the central meridian 84 00 0.000. The latitude
    of the projection's origin is 60 00 0.000.  Units -- meters.

to lat/long WGS84. I use the following command:

ogr2ogr \
    -s_srs '+proj=aea +ellps=clrk66 +lat_1=46.0 +lat_2=73.0 +lat_0=60.0 
+lon_0=84.0 +units=m +no_defs' \
    -t_srs '+proj=latlong +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +no_defs' \
    rs_polbnda_${f}.shp rus${f}.shp

I would like polygons that cross the 180 degree longitude to be split. 
It there a way to ask ogr2ogr to do that? What is the recommended way to 
do it, if not?


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