[gdal-dev] List of Supported EPSG's

Gilles Bassière gbassiere at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 08:27:07 EDT 2010

Pedro Roma wrote:
> Thank you Gil. But what you are saying is that I can only do that after
> I install/compile GDAL in my system right?
I assumed you already had Proj and GDAL installed. If not, you can
browse Proj SVN repository. The "trunk" version of the file I've
mentioned seems to be available at:

> By the way, is there any "clash" between PROJ 4.7 version with
> not-so-new versions of GDAL (in gdalwarp, gdalinfo, gdaltranslate)
I don't know.

Gilles Bassière - Web/GIS software engineer

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