[gdal-dev] getcolortable is null

weixj2003ld weixj2003ld at 163.com
Wed Apr 7 10:43:06 EDT 2010

Thk u very much.
I have two questions.
1.If I want to use the following combination,
2. what is the general combination for good look jpeg file?

>weixj2003ld wrote:
>> I read a geotiff file, and find that
>> poBand->GetColorTable()==NULL
>Presumably GetColorTable() returns NULL because the GeoTIFF file
>does not have a color table.
>> But I use ERDAS IMAGINE9.2 (a software that deal with geotiff), I find 
>> that it is not grey,but I use "gdal_translate -b 6 -of JPEG old.tif 
>> net.jpg", find that is is grey.
>Well, you are selecting only one band withouta color table to export
>to net.jpg.  How do you expect it to be anything other than greyscale?
>If you want an RGB jpeg file then select three bands to be used as
>red, green and blue.
>gdal_translate -b 4 -b 5 -b 6 o-of JPEG  old.tif net.jpg
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