[gdal-dev] Rendez-vous OSGeo-Quebec, June 15-16, 2010

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Apr 9 15:46:33 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

Here is an announcement for a Quebec Local chapter event that may be of 
interest to members of the GDAL community (see our great line-up of 
speakers, which includes Frank Warmerdam).

Hoping to meet some of you in Chicoutimi in June!


*** A Rendez-vous with Free and Open Source Geomatics! ***

The Quebec Local Chapter of OSGeo is proud to announce the first edition 
of Rendez-vous OSGeo Québec which will to take place in Saguenay, 
Quebec, on June 15-16, 2010.

The date of the event also coincides with the second anniversary of the 
local chapter which was created following a meeting at the same location 
in June of 2008. A very dynamic community of over a hundred active 
members has built around the OSGeo Quebec Local Chapter since its 
creation 2 years ago and we feel that it is just the beginning.

Members of the OSGeo community will be invited to share their projects 
and realizations, and visitors will have the exceptional opportunity to 
meet and interact with our great line-up of invited speakers, some of 
the key players of the North American OSGeo community, including (in 
alphabetical order):

     * Steve Lime
     * Jeff McKenna
     * Tyler Mitchell
     * Paul Ramsey
     * Frank Warmerdam

In line with OSGeo's knowledge sharing and community networking 
objectives, Rendez-vous OSGeo Quebec 2010 complement its rich conference 
program with a good share of social events: an ice-breaker is planned 
for the first night, and a boat cruise on the gorgeous Saguenay Fjord 
will take place on the second night.

All the ingredients are there for a memorable gathering, and we hope 
that many of you from the nearby OSGeo chapters as well as from the 
international OSGeo community will join us in Saguenay in June.

More information about the conference program, invited speakers, 
registration, and more, are available on the Rendez-vous OSGeo Quebec 
2010 website at http://rendez-vous-osgeo-qc.org/2010/en/


     * Sponsorship opportunities are available. The visibility plan is 
available at (in French) http://rendez-vous-osgeo-qc.org/2010/partenaires/

Media Partner:

     * Baliz Media : http://www.BALIZ-MEDIA.com/

Call for presentations:

     * (In French) http://rendez-vous-osgeo-qc.org/2010/programme/appel/
     * Note: Even though most of the attendants will be French speakers, 
we are open to English presentation proposals.

Contact information:

     * Email : rdvosgeoqc2010 at gmail.com
     * Website: http://rendez-vous-osgeo-qc.org/2010/en/
     * Twitter : http://twitter.com/osgeoqc

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