[gdal-dev] Re: KyngChaos Frameworks: GDAL's numpy vs Enthought's numpy

K.-Michael Aye kmichael.aye at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 17:38:33 EDT 2010

On 2010-04-21 18:17:35 +0200, Christopher Barker said:

> William Kyngesburye wrote:
>> The problem is in Enthought's python, for using the retracted numpy, 
>> and they need to update their numpy (which could be a while if they 
>> don't want to use RC versions).  I'm afraid I can't support using numpy 
>> 1.4.0.
> Maybe you can follow: http://www.kyngchaos.com/macosx/build/gdal and do 
> it yourself. I assume you could use all the other Framework binaries 
> for the dependencies.
> In fact, you may be able to re-build only the python bindings, and that 
> be as simple as running "python setup.py build", once you've made sure 
> that you've got your python using the right numpy.
> -Chris

Oh, that indeed sounds not too bad, I didn't expect the other binaries 
would come with everything that is required for a building process 
'upstream'. So you think, only a rebuild of GDAL module itself might 
work? Will try that and let forum know. Thanks for the tip!


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