Re: [gdal-dev] how to use docs?

Ivan Lucena ivan.lucena at
Tue Apr 27 09:52:54 EDT 2010

>  Hi Ivan,
>  Thank you for your timely response!
>  > I am not familiar with Devhelp and I unaware that GDAL uses it. From what I saw on Wikipidea it
>  > looks like an interesting resource but do you know if it can be integrated with Doxygen?
>  It seems not. It seems need a litter more work directly from Doxygen to
>  Devhelp. but I'm not sure about it.
>  > Does it
>  > process the same JavaDoc style annotation? If that is true I think there is a change that we might
>  > auto generate Devhelp by running a script or something like that.
>  But if there is not a doc for querying just like MSDN in Windows, how
>  should I get enough info about GDAL functions?

You should find enough info on the following pages:

Not in the same fashion of a MS Help or something like that but it pretty much covers everything. See that example here:

Good luck.

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