[gdal-dev] KML's extendedData not visible

Volker Fröhlich volker27 at gmx.at
Mon Aug 23 19:02:33 EDT 2010

Dear GDAL/OGR developers!

I've got a question concerning KML and OGR. I noticed, that QGIS doesn't show 
data within KML's <extendedData>. QGIS reads KML via OGR. QGIS' Jürgen E. 
Fischer pointed out, ogrinfo doesn't show that data either.

The file in question was even written by ogr2ogr and the XML looks perfectly 
fine to me.

Why doesn't OGR reveal the flat information in <extendedData>? Would the other 
KML driver (libkml) help?

Volker Fröhlich

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