[gdal-dev] OziExplorer .MAP support in GDAL 1.7

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sun Jan 31 01:03:35 EST 2010

Jean-Claude REPETTO wrote:
> I have noticed that GDAL 1.7 can read OziExplorer .MAP files :
> GIF driver :
>  * Read projection and georeferencing from OziExplorer .MAP file if 
> possible.
> Why has this support been implemented in the GIF driver ? .MAP files are 
> text files containing georeferencing information, and they can be used 
> with other graphics formats, such as JPEG, ECW or OZFx.


I see that there is a GDALReadOziMapFile() function that could be
utilized in other drivers too.  I presume in 1.7 Andrey implemented
use of it in the GIF driver because that is where he needed it.

I'm hesitant to spread all the possible supporting information formats
(.aux, world files, ozi map files, mapinfo files) in all drivers.  One
reason is the amount of code involved, which we could reduce by some
more generic mechanism to lookup supporting information.  The other reason
is that probing for so many supporting files may have noticable effects
on performance in some cases.

I am however open to improvements in consistency and approach if there is
broad support.

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